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A Top Rated Perfume Is One You Make Yourself

You could research your brains out reading "top rated perfume" lists on the Internet and from fashion experts and that still won’t guarantee you of finding a top rated perfume for yourself. Although many women love to get all the things their favorite celebrities or fashion gurus do, a top rated perfume for them usually does not translate as a good scent for you. You might even get a headache from the smell of a so-called top rated perfume.

Your Scent Is Unique

One of the reasons that you are unique among humanity is that you smell different from everyone else. If you don’t believe that, just ask your dog. Your dog will zero in on you out of a crowd of thousands just because of your scent. It is thought that one of the reasons dogs and cats can make cross country journeys to find their missing owners is because they are following the owner's smells.

Since your body chemistry is so unique, you may need to find a unique perfume to complement your natural subtle odor and to make you feel better about living in your own skin. A top rated perfume for you is one that makes you feel good about yourself and puts a smile on your face – and doesn’t put a big hole in your pocketbook.

How To Start?

How do you begin to make a top rated perfume for yourself? You start by delving into the world of essential oils. Most top rated perfumes are made of a blend of essential oils. Sometimes, other scents or secret ingredients are added, but most top rated perfume you see in magazines and on store shelves are just differing blends of essential oils.

You can get essential oils easily even in large supermarkets, thanks to the rise in popularity of aromatherapy. It is far easier to get a hold of essential oils when you live in Europe than in the United States, but this is slowly changing. If you have Internet access, then you have access to aromatherapy specialty shops that can sell you pure essential oil.

At first, you want to stay away from incredibly expensive essential oils like rose. You want to start with less expensive and more versatile essential oils like lavender, lemongrass and tea tree oil. You can then see which scent family smells best on you – floral, citrus, wood, spice or herb – and then you can explore others in that family. You can then blend these oils together to make the best top rated perfume for you.


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