How To Clean Your Glass Perfume Bottle Collection

No, you cannot just simply hit the internet and look for some wholesale perfume bottle dealer if you want to become a perfume bottle collector. That's not really going to cut it. If you really want to collect glass perfume bottles, you just have to do things the traditional way. That is, you hunt for individual pieces and clean them up. Yes, cleaning empty perfume bottles can be quite tedious at time but if you want to your collection to look really cool, you just have to work on your bottle cleaning skills.

Getting Started

Cleaning glass perfume bottles can be quite challenging. Some of these glass perfume bottles have very unique shapes that make it quite difficult to reach certain parts of the bottle. Fortunately, there are certain tricks that you can use to have your bottle collection cleaned up without destroying its original look. To get started, you need to remove the perfume dauber or stopper on the bottle. Some types of perfume bottles have the atomizer screwed in place so be careful when removing things. If the atomizer is screwed into place, get a small screwdriver and gently unscrew the atomizer. Take care not to chip the mouth of the glass perfume bottle. A chipped glass perfume bottle will do not you any good.

After removing the dauber or the stopper of the bottle, protect the labels of the glass perfume bottle by wrapping its outside with some plastic wrap. An ordinary plastic wrap will do the job nicely. To seal the wrap, use some water proof tape to keep the wrap in place. Once the wrap is secured in place, get your rubber gloves and wear if before you start cleaning your glass perfume bottle. Do not handle the bottle and the cleansing agents with your bare hands. Bear in mind that some cleansing agents contain some strong chemicals that can cause damage on your hands so make sure that you use some rubber gloves.

Some types of perfumes leave stubborn stains on the glass. In cases like this, you may use some bleaching agents together with your soap. Put the bleaching agent and soap solution inside the bottle and then shake it several times. If you want, you can leave the solution inside the bottles for a few hours to give it time to loosen the stains. You may also use warm water to rinse your bottle thereafter. Warm water can help loosen the stain the inside the perfume bottle.



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