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The Best Perfume For Women May Not Come In A Bottle

Shopping for and wearing perfume can be a lot of fun, which is one reason why perfume is always in such demand. Unlike some other luxury goods, the best perfume for women has very few negative side effects, can be easily stored and (if stored correctly) can last for years. You don't need to take out insurance for your luxury item, unlike, say, a Rolls Royce. But, for some women, no perfume seems to work well for them. The best ladies' perfume they find usually doesn't come labeled as perfume.

Headache Prone And Migraineurs

More and more workplaces and even government agencies are banning the use of colognes and perfume. It doesn’t matter that you're wearing the best perfume for women on the planet – it will still be banned. This is because strong smells such as tobacco, fresh paint, gas fumes, cologne and perfume can trigger severe headaches and migraines in many people.

This writer happens to be a migraineur (that's a fancy word for someone suffering from migraines). This means I can't wear or get near anyone wearing the best perfume for women, unless it's outdoors or in an incredibly well-ventilated room. The strong scent – although pleasing – eventually triggers a migraine.

The Search Is On

Does being a migraineur mean that I have to shun all of the best perfume for women in the world? Not necessarily. It took a long while, but I have discovered that there is a perfume that does well with me, providing I only wear it once or twice a week and use only two squirts and no more. The best perfume for women for me is Charlie – one of the least expensive perfumes you can find.

But what about all of the other days of the week that I can't wear perfume? It hasn’t bothered me so much. I never had a man tell me that I smelled good whenever I wear Charlie. However, the scent that has given me the most compliments has been … Secret deodorant (any scent except Unscented). I stopped wearing Secret because I had to keep beating men off me with a stick. It got embarrassing.

Other women may find that the scent that turns heads and doesn't trigger aches is from a shampoo bottle, a body butter or even their lip gloss. Most cosmetics and health care products are made with scents in order to be appealing. Some of these products give a subtle but long lasting perfume. Just be sure you have a big stick handy when you find the best scent for you.


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