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You Don’t Have Pay Through The Nose For Top Perfume

The most expensive perfume in the world is worthless gunk if it makes you smell awful. Although "you get what you pay for" is often a good adage to follow, it doesn't work when shopping for a top perfume for you. In this modern day and age, once hard to harvest ingredients in the best perfume for women can now be cheaply made en masse in factories. Perhaps this isn’t such a romantic notion of how top perfumes can be made, but the proof is in the nose.

More Humane Option

A top perfume also doesn’t have to make you feel guilty by wanting it. Before scientists could chemically synthesize scents, the only way to get the ingredients for a particular smell was to harvest the source. Many of these popular sources include the secretions of glands from the civet cat and ambergris, which was made from whale oil, which could only be had by whaling.

Also, even using just botanical sources to make a top perfume is getting harder and harder to justify in this overpopulated and underfed world. For example, it takes about one hundred POUNDS of rose petals in order to make one ounce of essential rose oil. That's one reason why any perfume with real rose oil is so fabulously expensive. But it's also expensive in terms of resources used.

Be Honest With Yourself

A top perfume for you is one that makes you feel better about being alive. You can’t really do that if you're worried about how much you've paid for a couple of ounces of a liquid that looks like watered-down beer. Many human noses can't tell the difference between copycat designer perfumes and the "real thing". Why should you pay the price just for a label on a little bottle?

You also have to be honest with yourself about your health when shopping for a top perfume. If you are headache-prone or have a history of migraines, then perfumes should probably be crossed off your shopping list. Strong scents – even really pleasant ones from a top perfume – may trigger a migraine.

However, you don’t have to worry about smelling bad and can still revel in the luxury of a good scent. You just need to get your top perfume from beauty care items OTHER than perfume. A body lotion, deodorant, body mist or even a shampoo might give you just enough scent to make you, your wallet and your head happy.



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