All You Need To Know About Fragrance Oils

Ever since time immemorial, several fragrances have been made to make both men and women feel great about themselves. Because of the sweet and enticing aroma they emit, you could probably smell good for an entire day, despite too much sweat from the sun. Sure, we all know what women's fragrance is for. But do we have any idea how it was generated? Read the article and find out many things about fragrance oils, the stuff that all perfumes are made from.

The Composition Of Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils come from several natural components. Usually, they are extracts from the most sweet-smelling plants, vegetables and even fruits. The bottles of colognes or perfumes you have may right now come from all-natural products. However, they have been manufactured in such a way that can take the real component out of the picture and leave only its fragrance behind. As to how they do it, that is simply the secret of most perfume companies.

The Dilution Of Fragrance Oils

You have probably noticed your cologne or perfume bottles labeled with such words like eau de toilette, parfum or cologne. You might have also observed how the prices differed from one bottle to another despite the same brand name, scent and volume. They are actually labeled and priced differently depending on their compounds, the percentage of the fragrance oil component that is in your perfumes. An eau de toilette has 5-20% oil compound while a parfum has a greater concentration of 10-30% of the oil compound. Colognes even have lesser concentration of these oils, bearing only about 2-3% of the compound product.

The fragrance oil compounds are diluted products. They are mixed with several diluents to lessen the intensity of smell. Imagine if your perfumes were 100% oils, you can surely attract even the bees with your sweet-smelling scent. For this reason, the oils are diluted into such a product that would only emit a nice smell for a certain period of time. Diluents of oils would include wax, fractioned coconut oil and jojoba. The solvents for most of these oils are ethanol and water.

Choosing One For You

You cannot simply use every type of fragrance oil. Some individuals smell great wearing fruity scented products while others do better with vegetable or plant products. To know which scents suits you best, you need to try a spray of each to test it on yourself. Try to wear it for a whole day and see if you still smell great after a long day. If you do, then you could have found the perfect product for you.

Fragrances are also chosen depending on the time you are going to dab it on. If it is intended for evening use, then perfumes would be most suggested because they emit a stronger fragrance. For daytime use, colognes would do best. And if you are out shopping in the malls or in any other sultry places, a toilette would just do great.


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