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Collecting Designer Perfume Fragrance Bottles

When I was a little girl, I had a whole tray full of perfumes, mostly from Avon. I kept getting these perfumes as gifts, even though I rarely wore them. I did enjoy the shape of the bottles and how they looked next to each other. Sometimes I played with my small bottles of perfume like they were toy aliens from another planet. My favorite bottle of perfume was in the shape of a lying down foal. I wish I still kept them, because there is a market for collecting perfume bottles – even of cheap designer perfume.

The Smell Is Not Important

The last thing you need to pay attention to when collecting designer perfume fragrance bottles is the actual perfume inside – if there's any left. Usually, the designer perfume fragrance bottles will not be entirely full. If you are dealing with another collector, then the bottles they have for sale will most likely be empty.

Perfumes do keep well for a surprisingly long time, provided you store them in a cool, dark place. However, the odds are that you will be so proud of your designer perfume fragrance bottle collection that you will want to display it out in the open under lights. Although the perfume inside of the glass foal-shaped bottle was one of the few perfumes I liked as a girl, by the time I graduated university, that perfume finally turned rancid.

Finding Bottles

It's never been easier to find designer perfume fragrance bottles to collect – even glass jars all the way from the nineteenth century. You can go online to auction sites like eBay in order to find your treasures. You can also visit antique shops. Those who do the flea market rounds for a living have realized the market in designer perfume fragrance bottles – no matter what condition the actual perfume is in. At a flea market I went to not too long ago, I even saw a foal-shaped bottle. I was tempted by nostalgia, but I left the bottle on the table for a collector.

You want to check those bottles for chips, scratches and that the labels are intact (for perfumes made after World War One). Some collectors love to also collect the boxes that the designer perfume fragrance came in, but not all collectors are keen on that. Decide for yourself if you want to collect boxes, too. If you need to clean your bottles, never put them in the dishwasher. Always clean them by hand.



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