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How To Choose The Best Perfume For You

In order to find the best perfume for you, you have to do the search yourself. Although getting perfume is a luxurious gift, it doesn't guarantee that you'll like the perfume given you. It doesn’t matter whether it's from the corner drug store or the world's best selling perfume – if it clashes with your body chemistry, it'll stink when on you.

Everybody Smells Different

If we had noses like dogs, then we could very easily discover that everyone in the world has their own unique scent. But, since we have such dead noses, we often need perfume in order to enhance certain moods or silent signals to others. The best perfume is one that not only makes you feel good when you wear it, but also compliments your natural scent rather than overwhelms you with its fragrance.

Testing Perfume

Any perfume, including the best perfume for you, will have to be tested in the same manner. First, there's the initial scent, which tends to go away after ten minutes or so. Then, when the perfume has sunk into your skin and had a chance to mingle with your body chemistry, it produces a lingering odor. For you, you probably will barely smell it because your nose gets so used to it. But for others, this will be the scent that sets you apart from the crowd.

When you go to test the best perfume for you, you need to be relatively odor free. You should have bathed in the last few days, though. You can wear deodorant or body lotions, but preferably unscented kinds. Many body lotions, shampoos and deodorants now come in overpowering scents. Some go great with presume, but many do not. It's a complex mixing and matching for your nose.

Just place the perfume to be tested on one pulse point of your body. A wrist is an excellent place. You then should walk around the store for at least ten minutes to let the full effect of the perfume sink in. Not your physical reactions – are you getting a headache? Are you breathing with any difficulty? If you don’t have any adverse reactions and even have a lift in your mood, then this might be the best perfume for you.

No, give it the acid test. Give a good sniff after the ten or fifteen minutes are up. If this smells good to you, then you have found the best perfume for you. Try not to test more than three or four perfumes in one shopping trip.








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