How To Clean And Refill Your Empty Perfume Spray Bottles

You do not have to throw away your perfume spray bottle after using it. The good thing about certain types of perfume spray bottles is that they are easy to clean and refill. To save some money and at the same time help protect the environment, do not throw away your used perfume spray bottle. Just clean it up, refill it and use it. Refillable perfume bottles are really great so make sure that you do not throw them away after use. Just clean them up and then use them again. To help you clean up your perfume spray bottle before refilling, here are some easy steps for you.

Cleaning Your Bottle

If your perfume spray bottle is one of those easy to clean standard designs, it will not really take you more than a few minutes to get it cleaned up and ready for use. Just get your cleaning materials ready, remove the stopper on the bottle and then start cleaning. Be sure to wear rubber gloves before you handle your cleaning ingredients to avoid drying your hand. Note that most cleansing materials contain strong ingredients that are not really so friendly to your skin so make sure that you do not handle these stuff with your bare hands.

When cleaning your perfume spray bottle, start by rinsing the bottle with warm water. After rinsing it with warm water, put some soap solution inside the bottle and shake it vigorously. You may also use a soft brush to reach inside the bottle. Make sure that you remove all perfume residues inside the bottle. After cleaning the inside of the bottle with soap and water, rinse the bottle thoroughly with hot water then air dry the bottle for a few hours. You may also wipe the outside of the bottle with cotton clothe to dry it.

Once the bottle is dry, try to smell the inside of the bottle. If the smell of the soap lingers inside the bottle, pour some alcohol inside the bottle and then shake it well. The alcohol will neutralize the smell of the soap. After rinsing the bottle with alcohol, rinse it again with hot water. The hot water will remove whatever alcohol residue is left inside the bottle. After rinsing the perfume spray bottle with hot water, let the bottle dry. As much a possible, do not refill the perfume spray bottle immediately after cleaning it. Let the bottle stand for a day or two before you refill it.




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