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What The Heck Are Designer Fragrance Oils?

You've probably heard of fragrance oils, which are low-cost reproductions of therapeutic aromatherapy oils. Although they smell exactly like the original essential oil, they don’t give the medicinal benefits. But what about designer fragrance oils? Are they the same thing? Not really. However, designer fragrance oils should not be used in aromatherapy, although they certainly can lift your mood.

What Are They, Then?

The best perfume for you may not be perfume. Did you know that perfume is made of diluted perfume and a fixative like alcohol or water? This helps the perfume to last and makes is safe for even really sensitive skin types. This is great for some people. But, what about the pure scent? The oil of the perfume that winds up getting diluted? That's the designer fragrance oil. It's the pure stuff.

Some Cautions

The making and selling of designer fragrance oils is mostly a self-regulated business. You do have to cross your fingers when you try a new designer fragrance oil supplier for the first time. However, news of unscrupulous suppliers are soon ferreted out. Many designer fragrance oils do not an official affiliation with the actual perfume it's based on.

For example, suppose you are on the lookout for Jennifer Lopez Live designer fragrance oils because you are in love with Jennifer Lopez Live perfume. However, you won’t be able to find designer fragrance oils sold from Jennifer Lopez Live maker. You need to find a fragrance oil copycat. These smell exactly like Jennifer Lopez Live, but have been made by someone else.

To get around copyright laws, these designer fragrance oils are sold under slightly different names. In keeping with the Jennifer Lopez Live example, you can find a "J.Lo LIVE Type" line on They should tell you up front that they have no affiliation with the makers of any designer perfume or cologne.

How To Use

You use designer fragrance oils in much the same way that you would use an aromatherapy oil. However, you need to do a test patch on your skin first to see if you need to dilute it at all. You just put one drop (and one drop only) on your wrist and leave it for a day. If you don’t get sick or itchy or get a bad headache, you're good to go. Otherwise, you can still use your designer fragrance oils as a room potpourri, to scent a room or add to aromatherapy oil burners.



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