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The Best Ladies' Perfume To Attract Men

There are many reasons to wear perfume. Some reasons are to lift your mood, to make you feel happier or to cover up a strange body odor. But mainly, women hunt down and anoint their bodies with top rated perfume in order to attract guys. It can take years to discover the best ladies' perfume for you – one that both you like and guys like, too. You probably don't want to go through years of trial and error before finding the right scent. You can make the best ladies' perfume for you by tipping human pheromones into your preferred scent.

What Are Pheromones?

One of the ways animals and plants communicate with each other is through scent. Their bodies naturally put our pheromones in order to silently convey messages to other members of their species. These are microscopic scent particles that your brain can detect – even though you can't smell them.

Human pheromones were discovered in the 1986 by two Philadelphia scientists, Dr. George Preti and Dr. Winnifred B. Cutler. They discovered that one of the reasons men pick a woman to seduce is based on what pheromones that woman is producing. The pheromones in best ladies' perfume silently say to a man's subconscious, "Hey, you – get over here."

It's best to communicate with men using as few words as possible. This is another advantage of adding pheromones to your best ladies' perfume. With pheromones and confidence, you will wind up getting more male attention.

A Special Brew

Although your body puts out pheromones naturally, there are many reasons why your body may not be putting out as much than usual or not putting out any at all. When you go into menopause, your body's production of pheromones will drop sharply. Some prescription medications are thought to interfere with the body's ability to make pheromones. If you are recovering from an illness, then your body will be too exhausted to make the proper amount of pheromones.

You can purchase synthetic human pheromones and just tip them into your perfume. Or, you can purchase perfume with the pheromones already added. Presumably, some designer best ladies' perfumes have this ingredient already in them, but you can’t be sure. Only by making it yourself and experimenting with dosages can you be assured of finding the best ladies' perfume to get through the thick skull of the men you are trying to attract. Also, men find self-confidence in women sexy, as well as a sense of humor. Having money in your wallet always helps, too.




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