Prada Perfume For Women Who Are Sophisticated

The Prada perfume for women line is a blend of classic style and sophistication. It is meant for the modern woman, who likes to be classy and elegant. The fragrances in Prada perfume for women are bergamot, orange, rose, patchouli, raspberry, sandalwood and vanilla and the blend of these fragrances makes the perfume sensual in every respect.

The Prada perfume for women line is basically recommended for eveningwear but can also be used daily. The scent of the perfume is clean, fresh and alluring. This gives it a classic touch, but also because of some oriental and spicy fragrances that are citrus and fruity. Most customers find the scent just lovely and like to buy it again and again.

Selective Products

The Eau de Parfum Deluxe Refillable Spray is a typical example of a fusion of tradition and innovation. It is a Prada perfume for women that is a perfect blend of memory, reality and possibility. It is recommended for daytime wear and the fragrances available are bergamot, orange, mandarin flower, mimosa India and rose. These fragrances are blended with others like Peru balsam, patchouli, raspberry flower, vanilla, musk and sandalwood. The smaller bottle is called the Eau de Parfum Intense Deluxe refillable Spray.

The Tendre Eau De Parfum Spray is also available in two sizes, the 30 ml and the 80 ml. bottles. Suitable for the contemporary sophisticated woman, there is a sparkling vibrancy in the compelling luminous scent of this Prada perfume for women. The effect of the perfume is pure and hypnotic and actually represents the essence of the Prada signature fragrance. That is why Prada can be considered one of the most popular women’s perfumes.

There are three categories of fragrances, the top, the middle and the base notes. The fragrances belonging to the top notes are Siamese Benoin, plum accord and Indonesian patchouli leaves. The middle notes represent verbena, cardamom, mate leaves and jasmine. The base notes are woody and the fragrances are borrowed from cedar wood, Indian sandalwood and vetiver.

The Prada Spray is available also in two sizes, the 80 ml EDP spray and the 50 ml size. It is a blend of fragrances belonging to yesterday and tomorrow, so the scent is inspired by the past, lives in the present, but embodies the future. It is a unique fusion of tradition and innovation. The interesting combination of this Prada perfume for women includes oils like Bergamot oil Italian, orange oil, and bitter orange oil and at the same time sandalwood oil with flowers like balsam and the raspberry flower.

Prada Signature Fragrance

The typical Prada scent is also considered unique by many, both the women’s and the men’s perfumes. But, it does not suit every skin, so you should test the perfume before you buy it. Some couples like to use the same scent when going out, and it works for both perfectly.


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