The Flowery Fragrance Of The Armani Perfume For Women

The Armani perfume for women is from the design house of Giorgio Armani, who is one of the most celebrated and influential Italian designers. It is recommended for eveningwear and has a refined and flowery fragrance. The aromas available are extremely feminine and have blends of fruits and flowers like heliotrope, cedar, vanilla and musk.

Popular Products

Among the Armani perfumes for women, Armani Mania and Armani Code for women are very popular products. The Armani Mania for Women is an EDP spray, which is a relatively new version and is available in a white box. The fragrances are so sensual as if Armani seduces and unleashes a woman’s inner being. The fragrances are fresh and radiant and smell of mandarin and pink spice.

The extremely feminine notes are lily of the valley, peony, contemporary cedar, amber and musk so that a seductive fragrance is created, which is simple yet stylish. The style is not only sparkling, but it is also contemporary and elegant, which is similar to Prada perfume for women.

The Armani Code is also another EDP spray from the line of Armani perfume for women. Its fragrances are totally different from the other Armani products, because it is inspired by fragrances from the Mediterranean and therefore captures the essence of paradise. The fragrance notes are orange flower, fresh ginger and honey combined with sandalwood. The blend of warm transparent flowers comes through in the fragrance and the ocean breeze seems to be touching the flowers, giving it a cooling effect.

Other Fragrances

Emporio, another Armani perfume for women, has the typical feminine scent of any Armani perfume. The oriental blend of fruits and flowers is present here and the musk in low tones can be felt too. It is available in different sizes, as perfume sprays and perfume spray fragrances. The Emporio Remix by Armani is available in a larger size and comes as an eau de Parfum spray. The City Glam Armani perfume for women is also an eau de Parfum spray.


It is easy to order the Armani perfume for women and delivery is fast. Customers have permanent perfume suppliers, who store other branded perfumes as well. Its wonderful scent is naturally the main attraction, but it is also considered cheap by some. Once customers have used Armani perfume for women never buy another perfume again because of the great fragrances that are clean and fresh yet subtle.

Armani perfume for women is considered the prettiest perfume with the prettiest fragrances and men are sensually attracted to it. It is extremely feminine and gives a classy, stylish and elegant finish to your eveningwear.


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