The Romantic Angel Perfume For Women

Angel perfume for women is a perfume whose creator is the design house called Thierry Mugler. The main feature of this perfume is its refreshing, oriental and woody fragrance. In fact there is a blend of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli in this exquisite feminine fragrance. There are fragrances borrowed from fruits too like fresh citrus, melons, peaches and plums.

Pros And Cons

Most customers consider Angel perfume for women alluring, long-lasting and a great perfume for drawing compliments. But it is also considered to be rather expensive, though some say that you get a great value for your money. It can be used daily for work and at the same time used for evenings affairs and special occasions.

If you are an adventurous and trendy person, you should go in for the fresh and aquatic fragrance of Angel perfume for women. The woody and earthy fragrance is for the more natural type of woman and the oriental and spicy fragrance for the classic type. For the classic type of woman, the citrus, fruity or herbal fragrance is befitting as well. For romantic occasions it is ideal, as it is sexy, seductive and simply yummy.

Special Features

Angel perfume for women is available as a splash with a refill, as well as an EDP spray. This romantic fragrance seems to be close to nature and the essences of honey, chocolate and caramel give it that special sweet effect. Even sandalwood is a popular fragrance for the Asian type of woman, like the fragrances in Armani perfume for women.

The Eau de Parfum splash is recommended for daytime wear and so is the spray, which has the same fragrance. The Angel Violet Eau de Parfum spray is also refillable and is a small 8 oz. spray. It is one of the best-selling colognes in the modern fragrance sales and Angel perfume for women is in a class by itself. Besides, its recommended use is for all seasons, which increases the popularity.

Latest Additions

The packaging of Angel perfume for women was uniquely designed in celestial forms. The Eau de Parfum spray is available in a bottle that is shaped like a shooting star. It brings back the emotions of tender childhood memories and you attain a dreamlike effect being close to the stars. It has recently launched a new fragrance category called the oriental gourmands. The flavors are absolutely angelic, as if they go deep into your memories and at the same time are sensual and passionate.

The new fragrances include aromatic ingredients like hedione, helional, honey, dewberry, red berries and coumarin. The style gives an extremely soft effect, making you feel pure and innocent. The Angel Innocent Women is another new addition to the Angel perfume for women line and this scent is famous for its refreshing flowery fragrance. It is recommended for daytime wear mainly because the fragrances are so feminine, like that of honey, pure mandarin and other exotic fruits.

Several rebates and special offers with bonuses are available on many websites that feature this line. Refills are available too, but make sure that you buy them from a reliable source. Shipping is free within the United States, but otherwise it has to follow strict regulations, because of the alcohol content in Angel perfume for women.


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