The Sensual Versace Women Perfume

The Versace Women perfume line for classic women is a creation by Gianni Versace in 2001. This perfume is a superb blend of Frangipani blossoms and leaves with jasmine, bergamot and eglantine. The other fragrances are the fruity tones of plum and raspberry. The ritual flower of oriental ceremonies, the Padparadscha lotus is also one of the fragrances of the Versace Women perfume line.

How To Buy

There are several discount online stores that market the Versace Women perfume lines. But you have to be careful if you buy or order at one of these stores, because sometimes the products are not original. Check out the reliable online stores who sell many authentic name brands and declare that they guarantee authentic products and do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

When you order a Versace Women perfume and want it to be shipped to you, there are strict international regulations about shipping, because fragrance has to be shipped and handled separately. These restraints are due to the inflammable alcohol content in perfumes. But nevertheless, there are no shipping charges for perfumes if the delivery is to a U.S. address.


Some of the fragrances that are part of the Versace Women perfume line are Baby Rose Jeans, Time To Relax, Crystal Noir, Time For Energy and Versace Signature. Most of the customers who use Versace Women perfume find it enticing and alluring and they find the fragrances extremely subtle.


Versace Women perfume can be worn every day as well as on evening outings and special occasions. If you are a classic and natural person, the oriental, spicy and floral fragrances are ideal for you. You can wear these fragrances for any occasion. They are deeply feminine, with just a touch of spice and have a sweet lingering note.

Some customers are of the opinion that the Versace Women perfume line is great value for the money, whereas others think that the price is good, but the perfume does not last long enough. Its great fragrance is truly versatile, and is an example of absolute perfection for many. In fact some customers profess that they have made lots of friends just because they wore this perfume. They receive compliments about how great they smell, and give all the credit to the Versace Women perfume that they are wearing.

Versace Signature And Crystal Noir

The Versace Signature by Versace for Women is an Eau de Parfum. The superb blend of jasmine and azalea gives this perfume a floral and vibrant fragrance. And then it has the silky softness of a veil of musk mixed with the fragrance of Kashmir wood and Moroccan cedar wood. This woody fragrance makes the Versace Women perfume line similar to Angel perfume for women.

The Crystal Noir fragrances for women created by Versace are a blend of gardenia and amber and give modern contrasts making it especially attractive and give the ultimate classic touch. The feminine scent is the specialty of every fragrance created by Versace and especially the Versace Women perfume line that is seductive and sensual.


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