Attractive Brands Of Women’s Perfume

You can find a huge variety of women’s perfumes on several websites. There are top brands for women and top designers available for them too. There are online perfume resource centers where you can search for designer fragrances by makers like Gucci and Christian Dior or you may even find Versace women’s perfumes. Such online sites have interesting message boards, and you can make friends there, add your comments about each perfume and rate perfumes as well. Such activities are fun and exciting for some who feel that they can share something with another who is using the same perfume.

Star Brands

Famous designers as well as famous personalities develop designer women’s perfumes. Stars often start their own perfume brands. These celebrates include film stars, sport stars or music stars. Sometimes important social figures also like to have a brand of perfume bearing their own name.

The price differences of women’s perfumes are according to the brand of the perfume. Big designer houses like Armani, Prada and Gucci who are famous because of other products are already highly priced. Besides that, when great and famous personalities lend their names to a perfume brand, the buyer has to pay a price for it. These are the high-priced women’s perfumes, but there are lower priced perfumes too, which are also popular.

Ultimate Luxury

Some of the luxurious varieties are the Princess by Vera Wang, Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez and the fragrance by Sarah Jessica Parker called Covet. The Princess is an Eau de Toilette Spray, but the other two are perfumes. The Princess toilette spray has an exotic fruity fragrance with a bit of vanilla, and there is an unexpected twist in it, the fragrance of pink guava. There is a hidden treasure in the gold brown cap, which is a keepsake gold band studded with tiny amethyst-colored crystals.

Another fragrance that is an epitome of ultimate luxury is Live Luxe. The fragrance is so intoxicating that it makes you feel glamorous and opulent. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Covet is just as irresistible because of its ultra feminine fragrance. There is a seductive blend of precious fragrance notes that makes it impulsive and indulgent. There are three types of fragrances available, which are top, middle and base notes. The top notes have fragrances of chocolate, wet greens, geranium leaves and Sicilian lemon. The middle notes have flower fragrances of magnolia and honeysuckle and the base notes are musk, teakwood and amber.

Reasonably Priced

The more affordable prices for women’s perfumes come for manufacturers like Revlon and Lancôme. Revlon’s Charlie White cologne spray has a refreshing scent of white flowers, which are fresh and light. The aroma is so delicate and pure that it creates a romantic aura and you become the centre of attraction for guys.

Lancôme’s Poeme perfume spray is just as popular but totally different, because the fragrance is adventurous and spirited. It is a scent of contrast, because it is a mixture of the icy transparent Blue Himalayan poppy and the intoxicating desert Datura flower.

Each women’s perfume is an innovative mix of fragrances, put together in such a creative way that it attracts women to buy them and in turn helps women to attract men.


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